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Travel Insurance PDF Print E-mail

Thailand and Travel Insurance.

General it’s quite safe to travel in Thailand, but you still need to make a travel insurance.

Most tourist know the have to buy drinking water in the supermarket, and that the water in the
Bathroom is only good for a shower.

If you get sick and need to go to a doctor or hospital you need to pay yourself – and staying
In a hospital can be quite expensive.

There have been several examples of you people who want to save a few bucks on a travel insurance,
and get injured and perhaps even need to travel home in an ambulance aircraft.

An adventure like this can easy be more than 100.000$ - and perhaps your family need to pay to
Get you back home.

A guy from Denmark had an accident and was declared brain dead a year ago, he did not have an
Insurance and his old parents could not pay because they were retired – only because other people
helped them, they could get their son back home so he could die in a hospital Denmark.

Another thing people not care too much about is insurance if the rent a motorbike or a car.

The shop don’t have an insurance, and you would be the one who need to pay for the damage you

Or others made on the rented vehicle.

- Or what about legal assistance? – If you get some problems and need legal assistance, it can be very
expensive to hire a lawyer if you not have travel insurance.

When you order travel insurance, also make sure it cover loos of travel documents and money.

You would hopefully never need your travel insurance, but just remember Thailand is very far away

That day something happens to you.

- Make sure you remember to give the travel policy number to your relatives, before you go vacation.

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