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The Girls of Pattaya

Thai girls are indeed beautiful and one of reason that many man go to Pattaya every year.

Someone go for a fun vacation and sometimes they end up falling in love.

First time single male visitors may get overwhelmed by the charm of the Thai ladies, but it’s important to keep in mind that the
girls working in the beer bars and Go-go bars do it to make Money.

It works the way that you pay a bar fine – about 300 Baht in a beer bar and normal 500 in a Go-go bar.

This fine is a sort of compensation to the owner, because the girl stops work and go with you.

A beer bar girl usually get about 7-1000 Bath for staying the night – some girls only stay short time so you have to ask her.

A girl from a Go-Go bar is usually more expensive 1000-2000 Baht for 1 night.

Pattaya beer bar girls

It’s important that the girl have an ID card (and the all have), because she have to show it to the reception in your hotel – this is your guarantee if something happen.

The never ending story is that it’s easy to fall in love with these girls because they are beautiful and take very good care.

Sometimes people can get lucky and sometimes it end with marriage – but unfortunately it sometimes goes wrong too.

The ladies work bar – and that mean they have customers. And sometimes they have several boyfriends as “sponsors” sending them money every month.

- The even sometimes tell you about a brother, and that brother turns out to be their Thai husband and the father to their baby!

You have to think about you come from another culture, and that the life they live working on a bar is tough – and they have to party and drink every night.

I’m not saying that all the Thai ladies working bar is bad people – but it’s a fact that many man had ended with a broken heart and an empty wallet!

- And no, buying a beer bar in Pattaya is absolutely NOT a good business idea! ;-)

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