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Thai Massage

Most people have heard about Thai massage and many have the idea that it has something to do with sex.

Traditional Thai massage has nothing to do with full body massage in massage clinics in Pattaya, and traditional
Thai massage is wonderful if the person who does it had learned to do it right.

Many hotels offers 24 hours Thai massage inside your hotel room – but most of the time this kind of
massage is done by Thai girls who learn a little from  other girls. These girls hope the cant spent the
night with you and make some money offering you sex.

Thai massage is also offered near hotel swimming pools and at the beach, and it can be a relaxing experience to try.

If you want to try the traditional Thai massage you should try to go inside one of the many shops in Pattaya – the often
offer many things like foot massage, manicure and pedicure and traditional Thai massage.

Before you chose where you want to go try to look if there are any locals in the shop – that would show that the
quality is high and the price level is low – often you can save a lot if you don’t use one of the shops located near
walking street or other crowded areas.

If you enter a shop you would often see that the owner has certificate that prove that her and her staff is educated –
and such education often takes 3-6 month.

Its still a very cheap experience to try a 1 hour full body massage – the price is often 300 Baht without oil and 400-500
with oil – you should pay the little extra and go for the oil massage.

You should spoil yourself and try traditional Thai massage – and don’t get surprised if you get addicted of Thai massage.

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