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Pattaya Beach

Pattaya beach is very popular among tourist and the beach offers many activities.

The sporty type can rent jet skies or a enjoy water skiing after a speed boat. Paragliding is also an opportunity
if you like action.

More relaxing activities like swimming or just enjoy the sun at the Pattaya beach is also an option. You can rent a
chair and even order traditional Thai massage after a refreshing swim.

Remember to be aware of the sun – use a strong sun blocker and stay maximum 1-2 hours in direct sun.

Pattaya Beach

Locals are selling fresh fruit, beers and soft drinks and you will also find the traditional mobile motorbike kitchens
at the beach road – and the food is cheap and the quality is very good.

Pattaya beach was not very nice just a few years ago, but the authorities decided to clean up the pollution and
now the beach is very popular.

If you think Pattaya beach is too crowded, you might consider going to Jomtien beach instead – it’s a 15 minutes
drive in Taxi and the price should not be more than 150 Baht.

In the evening many tourist like to walk near the beach and the locals make bonfires at the beach – it can be a
very romantic walk.

The restaurants near the beach offer everything from traditional Thai food to western inspired food. You should
try the sea food – some restaurants even make their guests pick what fish the want.

On the Pattaya beach road there is several bars, and if you follow the beach road you will end in the always busy
walking street

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