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Pattaya Nightlife PDF Print E-mail

The nightlife of Pattaya is famous – not only in Thailand but all over the world.

Before Pattaya was a sleepy fishing village but after the US navy and their sailors Discovered the beauty of the city –
and the pretty local Thai girls, other tourist followed And the city started to grow.

For many years Pattaya had a bad reputation as a sex paradise where you could buy everything for money,
but now the government and the police have tightened their grip in the nightlife.

Every bar owner in Pattaya have to close the light and the music 01.00 – and the police are VERY strictly about this.

There are still many Go-go bars, strip and sex shows and the famous Transvestite Cabaret Show “Tiffany’s”.

Around the city there are many outdoor Beer bars, often with 10-20 girls employed taking care the customers – and perhaps find a future husband.

Pattaya nightlife is absolutely not only related to the sex industry, there are several places to go – even for families with children.

In general the quality of the entertainment in Pattaya is quite high, and you would find everything from discotheques to a local entertainer making Elvis impersonator show.

Many restaurants offers live music, and you can enjoy a delicious variety of sea food at the many restaurants near the beach.

KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonalds and Burger king are also represented in Pattaya

Some of the shopping canters are open 24 hour a day, and same goes for the 7-11 shops.

Locals are selling different kinds of Thai food from small mobile kitchen in the street, and these Mobile kitchen are moved to
the customers with a motorbike.

- You can get everything from fried sausages, rice and even fried bugs!

Normal you can feel quite safe entering the Pattaya nightlife, but you should aware not flashing your money and gold – especially if you are drunk!

Walking street is always crowded and you will find everything from tailors from India to bars,
Go-go bars and discotheques. – If it’s your first time to Pattaya you have to go there! © Copyright 2018