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Price level in Pattaya PDF Print E-mail

Even Pattaya is a very popular destination, you can find some good prices at hotels in Pattaya. In general Pattaya is more cheap than Bangkok and it does not need to cost you a fortune to stay.

Try to notice Thai people go to eat - most of the restaurants has a menu card in English and server traditional Thai food and western inspired food too, and if the Thai people eat there its usual because of 2 things - good quality and low prices.

You can have a delicious meal for less than $10, and the quality is quite high.

Another way to save money is to made a tailor made suit - or perhaps go to a dentist for a whitening or a routine check. -Doing this might end up saving you lot of money you would have spent back home. 

Even Pattaya is rather cheap compared with European standards, you should always be aware how much you pay - a local taxi driver would send you his biggest smile and ask you for 200 Thai Bath for a trip just around the corner - you will learn quickly how much you need to pay, and remember 1 thing - SMILE! - the try to make their living :-)

If you think about making tailor made suit, you should compare some shops before you decide - there is difference about quality and price! - Especially on walking street, where Tailors from India would grap your arm and show you a special deal.

- If you go inside, they would probably tell you that this price is special for you, and ONLY tonight (in other words, they know they are about to sell you some cheap material, and they do not want you to check other tailor shops!).

A price of 150-200$ for a quality suit with extra jeans, a shirt and a few neck ties is a fair deal - especially if you get good quality material.

Be sure you know what you are doing if you want to buy gems or gold - I would NEVER buy gold or gems in walking street, but outside Pattaya is a big factory making gold and gems - and there you would get a certicate showing that the things you bought is real. 





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