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Crime in Pattaya PDF Print E-mail

Crime in Pattaya

As many other cities Pattaya has its problem about crime and someone would claim corruption too.

The authorities and the local  does what the can to protect the tourist, and if you go to crowded places like
walking street you would spot several police officers from the tourist police.

So what do you need to be aware of when you visit Pattaya?

Well, There have been some stories about girls working together with the Pattaya mafia, and  that they try to dope their
victims in the hotel room and steal everything - or in worst case kill them.

In general you should not be to scared about this - if you live in a respectable Hotel the hotel guard would check and
keep the lays ID card to the next day - so they know exactly who have been visiting the hotel.

But in general you have to think about there is no reason to show you are loaded with money - just ask yourself what
would happen with a drunk guy in your country visiting a bar and showing everybody he had more than 10.000$ in his
wallet! - someone could get the idea that he not needed the money anymore!

So dont show off and dont show to much gold and money - there is no reason to tempt a bad person!

Same goes for the drugs - STAY AWAY FROM DRUGS! - if you get caught you might very well end you life in prison!.
When you drive a motor bike you need to where a helmet - and even if 90% of the locals not wear a helmet it would be
you who received a fine! - often its more easy just to pay the officer 2-300 Baht instead of going to the station and do the

Corruption in Pattaya - yes!  - That's how some police officers make an extra bonus.

However you should not be afraid to stay in Pattaya - If you just relax and enjoy you vacation and dont do anything stupid
there is absolutely no reason to fear anything - and Thailand has all the reasons for making you feel as welcome and comfortable
as possible.





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