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Buying a beer bar in Pattaya PDF Print E-mail

Buying a Beer bar in Pattaya

Yes, it happens over and over again, a tourist goes to Pattaya and find a beer bar girl, fall in love and want to stay in Thailand.

The bright guy get the splendid idea about buying a beer bar in Pattaya - hes new girlfriend know the business, and it must be a great
life being your own boss, chatting with other tourist and get drunk.

Sorry to ruin your dreams pal, but owning a beer bar in Pattaya, and having a beer bar girl as a girlfriend and the manager is not a good cocktail.

First, have a look around Pattaya - how many beer bar do you see?, next - how many does only have a few customers?

OK, what makes a singly guy want to sit and enjoy a cold beer? - perhaps a nice looking Thai lady? yes, you are right! - and you would need about 15-20 ladies to work in your bar, and every lady you have to pay 2-3000 Thai Baht a month.

You need a cashier and a DJ and need to pay for electricity - and don't get surprised if the local police would drop by to collect "rent".

You cannot work if you don't have a work permit, so your girlfriend would need to be in charge - "she know the business".

In the beer bars there is often some kind of fight going on among the bar girls - perhaps a fight about a boyfriend or something like that.

Oh, did I forget to mention the low season? - even you don't have the customers you would still need to pay the girls and the rent.

The local Thais laugh when the see another happy hunter signing up a leasing/rent contract of a bar - and I would laugh too if I knew that the same bar was rented out 2-3 times that year.

Another thing is that if your bar would make you a small revenue, it would probably not be enough for you keep you happy.

You would need a condo, a motorbike or a car - and you would spent more than a Thai would do.

Sure, it can be done to make money on a bar in Pattaya - if you know the business and you get the right location.

. But remember, its easy to fall in love and loose your head! 



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